Anything Is Possible

I’ve seen many posts in the new year about change…changing one’s inside, outsides, surroundings. I, too, have decided to make some changes with myself, but my surroundings are not to be touched. Tonight was a perfect example of the inspiration, talent, and power that I am surrounded by each time I get together with ladies of See Jane Write.
I haven’t been a member of the group for very long, but I feel as if I’ve known them for years. From day one our fearless leader, Javacia Bowser, warmly welcomed me to the fold. She introduced me online to the group and that was the start of something amazing inside me. These women have all come together to write, support and mentor one another, and share their stories. I have learned so much about myself from them and their experiences and tonight was no exception. The more we share – the athletes, the techies, the teachers, the writers, the mothers, the business owners – the more we find ourselves in our comrades. I listened to bits and pieces of the many conversations around the table tonight simply in awe of the knowledge and life lessons sitting right there at the table. And that was just a smattering of us. Imagine what a whole room of Janes can do! We can do anything we want and I’m reminded of that each time I’m fortunate enough to spend time with them. If you want a taste of the power in this group, join us for the See Jane Write event next week. When you come, be sure to ask me about the donkey from tonight’s’re sure to get a chuckle from it.

Love yourself.
Find peace inside.
Share happiness.

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