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I was recently on the phone with a friend and before we hung up, she said, “I have one more question for you.”

“OK, shoot.”

“How can I serve you?”


“How can I serve you? I’m trying to make a concerted effort to be more conscientious and present in the new year. So how can I help you?”

I just sat there, a bit dumbfounded and a lot baffled, processing what she said while also trying to think of something. I couldn’t think of anything off the top of my head, but the question really made me contemplate. I’ve heard that question a million times in church (and the answer), but I’ve never heard it outside of that context. What an important and impactful question to ask a friend (or anyone really). I still can’t think of anything that she might help me with, but when I do think of something, I will know who to call. And I’m very grateful for that knowledge even if I never have to use it. The simple offer of help – for whatever I may need – was enough to bring comfort and a smile. I asked her if I could borrow it and she absolutely agreed. So, how can I serve you? How can I help you? What can I do for you to make your life easier? If I can’t do it, I bet I know someone who can.

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  1. Nadine says:

    I find myself asking myself that about others a lot. What can I do to help them? Sometimes I don’t know the answer and should probably ask more!

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