Bad Sherri

Bad, bad Sherri for not writing in a month. You have no excuse. Yes, you did a million things in the last month, but you should always find time to write at lease a few sentences at lease ONCE a week. Bad, bad Sherri. You should be ashamed!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, how the heck are YOU? Long time, no talk, eh? By the way, I just got back from Wisconsin. Can you tell, eh? I have the cheese curd to prove it. I’m pretty sure I brought all the cheese curd back from the entire state. 😉

I got back late Friday night and am currently sitting in Crestwood Coffee enjoying brunch while it rains outside. I couldn’t be happier. I love this time of year. And it’s so nice to be home, though I had a wonderful time (yet again) visiting my sister and her family this year. I don’t mind the 12 hour drive to Wisconsin when I think about seeing those cute, little faces upon arrival. And spending quality time with my sister, now that she’s mature enough to reciprocate the love. 🙂 We get along so well now and spend a lot of our time together laughing, either at ourselves or the kids (much to their chagrin). I posted a few pictures to Instagram during the trip and will be posting the rest to my Facebook page this week.

So much has happened in the past few weeks in Birmingham and life that I’m sure I will forget something or someone, but I would be remiss if I didn’t try. So, in a nonsensical fashion, I’m going to list some of the fun things that I have done the past month. Watch out:

Fabulous dinner at Rogue with Shira and Jennifer
Birmingham Barons last home game at Regions Field
The Color Run in the rain (fabulous)
Went to shooting range and finally shot my pistol using my Living Social deals
Artwalk after party!
Supper Club
Saw Train in concert
Sidewalk Film Festival volunteer thank you party
Nashville for a weekend to see Christopher Titus (stand-up) at Zanies
Went to Wisconsin for 8 days to see family
Dinner with Sara, Paul, family and friends for his birthday.

There was a lot more goodness in there and many memory-making moments, but those are some of the highlights. I’m so very lucky to live in such an amazing city with some of the greatest, most civic-minded and active people ever. And I love where I live. I drove through many towns on my way to and from WI that I knew were not for me. One day, I would like to move to Milwaukee to be closer to my sis and her family. I would love to be a regular part of their lives more than once a year.

Iron Tribe is going well. I just finished month 2 of regular workouts. I surprised myself by going yesterday morning after driving 12 hours straight the day before. I also went to work out at a gym while on vacation (words I never thought I would say). I still haven’t seen a lot of movement on the scale, BUT I can definitely see muscles where I never had (or saw) them before. It’s a little freaky and amazing to watch your body transform bit by bit and see definition taking shape. I know I’m getting stronger as my previous dead lift record (one of our exercises) was 65 lbs. and I lifted 175 lbs. while I was in WI. #achievementunlocked

I have a busy few weeks and months coming up including Theatre Downtown’s Hobo Awards tonight, comedy shows, Park in the Park, Crestwood Crawl, Cornhole Tournament, “Doc” Adams Book Release, DISCO grand opening, more dinners with friends, Magic City Post’s Zombie Walk, Supper Club, Warrior Dash (supporting friends), Tribe Quest, Race for the Cure (you can donate here if you like:, birthday parties, Halloween parties, birthday Halloween parties, Rebecca Loebe concert, Fall Festivale, lots of local theatre shows, VOTING!, planning the next Birmingham Dance Walk, and celebrating life. Comment or message me if you would like more info on any of those things or want to join me!

Signing off for now. A more meaningful post to come, but definitely wanted to say Hi and let you know that I’m still here.

Love yourself.
Find peace inside.
Share happiness.

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  1. Wow! are you a busy girl! It all sounds like such a fun time. It is so wonderful that you particapate so much in your city. I truly would love to start doing the same thing. I always feel like there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Glad your back and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

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