Birmingham Girls Club


The Birmingham Girls Club** is dedicated to providing a supportive network for our city’s ambitious women to grow their ideas, minds, spirits, and bodies while also giving back to the community. We strive to empower women in philanthropy, networking, education, physical well-being, inspiration, and support through monthly socials and activities aimed at building relationships, self-esteem, and community awareness. To apply for membership, please fill out the form here and we will be in touch within two weeks.

Rules for Membership

Birmingham Girls Club is open to 21-plus-year-old females living in Alabama. Members must be open to exchanging ideas, insight, and inspiration with each other and act as a support system for fellow members. Members will be required to sign a Membership Agreement and Waiver of Responsibility. The group will have a maximum of 50 members in order to provide quality and engaging events. Membership dues must be current and members are encouraged to attend 6 or more activities per year.

Socials: Beginning January 2016, each month’s Social will be hosted by a current BGC member or group of members (team). Hosting should include procuring location, deciding on the activity, providing supplies, and refreshments (optional). This is a great way to show off what you love and share your interests with your sisters. During our annual holiday party, each member will pick a month in the next year to be responsible for. If you need ideas for a social, please let us know and we will be glad to help. Please try to schedule the socials on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, but you do have the option of changing the date if absolutely necessary. Our annual membership meeting will be held during the October social each year.Due to insurance and liability, each month’s social (and any date changes) must be approved by Sherri Ross prior to creating the event and inviting BGC members.

Other Activities: In addition to our monthly socials, we welcome other activities hosted by members, including volunteering and philanthropic events, fitness, photography, reading classes and challenges, dining out socials, and numerous other activities. Due to insurance and liability, any additional activities under the BGC umbrella must be approved by Sherri Ross prior to creating the event and inviting BGC members.

Membership Dues

Standard Membership – $60 per year
Premium Membership – $100 per year

Dues must be paid before you are admitted into the private group, added to the newsletter list, and invited to or attend events.

You will receive instructions for paying dues with your acceptance email within the next 2 weeks if accepted.

Standard membership includes covering one social per rotation through the membership and providing the location, refreshments (optional), activity, and any supplies needed. Once you have hosted a social (on your own or as a team), you will be rotated to the end of the current membership roster.

Premium members will not be responsible for covering one social per rotation through the membership. This membership level is ideal for those who may be limited on time in preparing for a social and/or other activity. Premium members’ rotation in the hosting list will be covered by another member.

Membership Includes:

  • 12 members-only social events* per year, unless otherwise noted (2nd Tuesday of each month) where we will participate in an activity together
  • 4-6 members-only activities* to grow your mind, body, and soul per year
  • A vote in activity and philanthropic planning each October during our annual Membership Meeting
  • Access to exclusive content and information, including a living document of members and resources they offer
  • Invitations to 6-8 BGC Girls’ Night Out Dinners (pay for your own). This is a great way to have a relaxed, unstructured evening with your sisters to get to know them better.
  • Invitation to the annual holiday party
  • Exclusive challenges to help you grow your ideas, skills, mind, body and soul in your own time and space
  • Birmingham Girls Club T-shirt after 6 months of continued membership
  • Admission to philanthropic events that may be non-exclusive to BGC to encourage community participation
  • Donations to local philanthropic organizations on your behalf
  • Some of the activities and/or socials may have limited capacity. Those will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis to members who sign up for them.

Membership Does Not Include:

  • Drinks & food at events and activities unless specifically noted
  • Admission to fee-specific events including some outings (sporting events, classes, etc.) and the BGC conference. Each member will be responsible for procuring her own spot/ticket for fee-specific admission events with the event coordinator.
  • Membership dues will be given back to the members and philanthropic organizations we partner with. All money taken in will be distributed back to the group via holiday party and preparation, prizes, and website hosting and maintenance. Each year we will distribute any leftover monies to a charitable organization voted on by the members as a group (majority rules).

**The Birmingham Girls Club is currently not accepting applications. We will let you know if membership reopens.**