Birmingham’s Got Your Back

It’s no secret that I am in love with Birmingham. I dub myself “Birmingham’s Unofficial Cheerleader” (at least until they create the position for me). What thrills me to no end is that I’m not alone. Birmingham is a city full of love for one another. We have helped launch hundreds, if not thousands, of books, movies, businesses, incubators, and more just from supporting each other in our endeavors.

Take Carrie Rollwagen and Amy Bickers. Active members of the Birmingham community, they decided to launch Kickstarter campaigns to try and publish books that they wrote. Success! Completely crowd-funded books by local authors because Birmingham believes in its own. Another great example is Sidewalk Film Festival, a local independent festival that recently had its biggest year due in part to thousands of Birmingham believers shouting from the rooftops how amazing it is over the years.

On a personal note, I’ve found so much support in groups like See Jane Write and Birmingham Girls Club, created to help other like-minded women find and build their own tribe. For example, I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now with a room full of other women, blogging and writing. My blogging buddy, Jennifer, and I put the word out earlier this week that we were going to be setting some time aside to just work on our blogs this weekend and invited others to come along and here we are. This is the power of our community, supporting one another even with no words and just the clicking of keyboards.

I believe in Birmingham. She believes in you. Birmingham’s got your back!

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  1. I miss y’all!!! I hope to join you all soon!!!

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