But why?

I love irritating my husband like a 6-year-old sometimes, constantly asking why every time he answers the previous question. “But why?” Answer. “But why?” Some days he’s ready to throw me out the window.

Today’s “But why?” is about blogging. Why do you blog? I know blogging fulfills different needs for different people. Whenever I attend a See Jane Write event I love finding out what people blog about and why. It’s really interesting to hear the reasons behind someone purposefully taking time out of their day to sit down and write to strangers.

I blog because it helps me get things off my chest – bottom line. I am not a regular blogger (sadly), but when I do blog it’s usually because something made me feel a certain way, good or bad. I would like to become a more regular blogger and blog about more of my passions. I’m getting there…slowly. These days it’s because someone or something either brought me great joy, sadness, or some other reaction. I hate confrontation so I often vent on here.

I am a big fan of bloggers who write to tell a story or educate their readers on particular topics. I know exactly where to go when I need advice on cooking, branding, exercising, writing, reading, fashion, or just need good laugh. One day I hope people come to me for their information on xyz. I’m still figuring out xyz, but if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Until tomorrow!

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