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In Da Club (+ a giveaway!)

My friend, Javacia, recently had her birthday party at SOL Dance Experience. I’ve written about SOL before and I enjoy it every time I go, but this time was even betterĀ than usual. If you...

The Hot 100 (and a giveaway!) 3

The Hot 100 (and a giveaway!)

WAHOO! Champagne! Balloons! Confetti! (Quite a difference from last night’s post, eh?) Today I hit 100 followers on my lil ol’ blog here. I’m thrilled beyond measure that 100 of you want to know...

No Way! A Giveaway? 5

No Way! A Giveaway?

Anyone who has met me likely knows (already) that I am very excitable. Most every day I act like a kid on Christmas morning…animated, childish, loving, and happy. I am constantly in awe of...