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What’s Your Word for 2016?

My friend Jennifer recently wrote a post about her word for 2016. It’s ‘action.’ I love that! It prompted me to think about what word I would want to represent me in 2016. It’s...


This is My Year

  I’ve had an epic 2015, but 2016 is going to be even better. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but haven’t we all? I will admit that I don’t...


Can You Help Me?

I’ve been working hard this year to exercise more. While I started out with a bang – swimming, walking, and dancing in the dark – I’m ending the year with a whimper. Granted, I...


Smashing Goals and Then Some

The past few months have been interesting. Since I was turning 40 this year, I set some goals for myself to go with the big milestone birthday. I wanted to exercise more, fly in an...

What’s New for November? Me! 3

What’s New for November? Me!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out there in blogland! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaaack. First off, before I get started on anything else, I have to tell you that La-Di-Da-Di just came on the radio station I am listening to. SCORE!...

Did You Miss Me? 4

Did You Miss Me?

I PROMISE I am still here. For those that know me in real life, I am still very here, very busy, and very happy. The weight loss is going ok. I fell off the...

Weight Lost Wednesday #5 4

Weight Lost Wednesday #5

Beginning Weight: 287.5 (1/5/2013) Current Weight: 278.7 (2/6/2013) Gain/Loss: -8.8 lbs Weigh In History 1/5/13 – 287.5 1/9/13 – 287 1/16/13 – 286 1/23/13 – 284.1 1/30/13 – 281.1 2/6/13 – 278.7

Weight Lost Wednesday #3 6

Weight Lost Wednesday #3

That’s RIGHT – weight LOST! 🙂 This post is going to be short and sweet to get my numbers out there. I’ll work on a more detailed post later chronicling my life, my loves,...

Picture Pages and My Birthday Wish! 2

Picture Pages and My Birthday Wish!

Today’s post is a smattering of pictures from the past few weeks and Click my birthday wish at the bottom. 🙂 Enjoy! So there you have it. Pictures from the past few weeks and...

Weight Lost Wednesday #1 3

Weight Lost Wednesday #1

I’ve decided to call these ‘Weight Lost Wednesdays’ because, taking a lead from my goal setting workshop last night at Iron Tribe, I WILL have lost weight every week so NAH! (I have to...