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Can You Help Me?

I’ve been working hard this year to exercise more. While I started out with a bang – swimming, walking, and dancing in the dark – I’m ending the year with a whimper. Granted, I...


Smashing Goals and Then Some

The past few months have been interesting. Since I was turning 40 this year, I set some goals for myself to go with the big milestone birthday. I wanted to exercise more, fly in an...


Jennifer Says It Best: Shop Local

I’m just going to repost my friend’s VERY well-done piece on Small Business Saturday, with her permission, since I can’t convey it any better than she does. Thank you for letting me repost, Jennifer. 🙂...


Thank You

Mr. Sheuster telling me I never have to grow up…I’ll take it. #macysparade #findingneverland Of course I’m going to get all sappy today. I know so many friends and family have experienced loss and...

Spent 0


Sorry for the lame-o post, but I shopped with a sweet teenage girl for 7.5 hours today at the Galleria. I’m spent. More later, but I did #bloglikeceazy today! 😉