Did You Miss Me?

I PROMISE I am still here. For those that know me in real life, I am still very here, very busy, and very happy.

The weight loss is going ok. I fell off the exercise wagon a bit, but have gotten back on and am very happy. I went to spinning twice, walked a 5k, and dance walked my booty off last week. I’ve also joined Weight Watchers online to help keep track of calories, points, and activity.

I’m also now a columnist for the new Women’s Voices Magazine launching next week! I will be writing about social media and online stuff, all with a little humor and hopefully a cocktail. 😉

I’ve recently started the Birmingham Girls Club and we kick off on Wednesday! It’s a new club in Birmingham to help the amazing women in our city grow their minds, bodies, & souls – all while giving back to the community.

I also kicked off a little campaign called Buy Boston A Round to thank the first responders and folks of Boston during that harrowing ordeal. Let’s show them we care!

And we just had our latest Birmingham Dance Walk…soon to be renamed Dance Walk Party. I’m hoping to get more companies involved in the Dance Walk Parties and bring them to organizations and groups that need some team building fun! And take it everywhere, not just Birmingham, hence the new name. 🙂

There’s one more venture in the works, but that’s top-secret for now.

More soon, but I’m still here.


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4 Responses

  1. Wade Kwon says:

    I hope you’ll continue to post dispatches from your busy but active life, Sherri.

  2. yougotrossed says:

    Thank you, Wade! I have been meaning to write a new post (I have the subject matter and everything) for some time. I needed this nudge. Will get that up! 🙂

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