Duck Duck Duck Squirrel…and it’s Christmas

My mind has been a whirlwind of activity lately. I don’t feel overwhelmed, just busy. And I like being busy – activities with friends are what memories are made of and I love to make memories. There are a lot of things going on in my life and my ADD is in high gear. It’s crazy to say, but I get stuff done when it’s in overdrive like this. There are about 20 things I am working on, want to be working on, thinking about, etc. but the bustle of Christmas isn’t really among them and I love that. Christmas is such a crazy time for a lot of people, sometimes schlepping kids, presents, and pets to and fro houses for days on end. Not here. My decorating is done and was quite painless. I bought and trimmed a live tabletop tree from Whole Foods – I’ve done this in the past and love it. We also hung a strand of Christmas lights on the mantle, put some LEDs on the deck, and replaced our outside porch light with a green CFL bulb to match the other houses. So our row of houses has green, red, green, red porch lights right now. It is entirely too cute. For the actual holiday, thankfully I have a pretty concise family unity down here in ‘Bama. We usually go to my aunt’s in Clanton for Thanksgiving and all of my dad’s side of the family comes by there at some point during the day. Christmas is a toss-up, either going again to Clanton or cooking at my place and having dad come by for lunch. It’s very low-key and relaxed either way (thank God!), but my aunt’s cooking far surpasses my skills and yumminess so it’s always a treat to go there. This Christmas is not the first for Daniel and I, but it will be our first as an engaged couple living together so I’m doubly excited – and thankful. I think we’ve decided to spend a quiet day at home, snuggled up with cocoa, books, food, and great Christmas movies. I am seriously considering working at a kitchen that morning too. Later that day, I’m making a roast or Boston butt in the Crock Pot, some sides, and viola! Christmas lunch and dinner. 🙂 Christmas night we’re planning on going to see the ETC show at Theatre Downtown. I think we may make it an annual tradition for us. Will you be starting any new traditions this year? Side note: I really want an Elf on a Shelf and start that crazy tradition. They’re so flippin’ CUTE and I’m like 12 at heart so it’s ok.

I’ve been reading a lot of Christmas lists lately and I love it. It’s always interesting to see what people want, but don’t buy for themselves. There are some of us – like me – who will just buy whatever we want (when we can) during the year so there is little or nothing left for Christmas. But that’s ok…Christmas is not about gift giving or receiving to me. Still, it’s always a treat to see what my friends would like and, if I’m able, helping with that list a little bit. This year will be especially hard for me because we are trying to save all of our money to throw a party after our wedding. We shall see what happens. But then again, I know my friends don’t mind little or homemade gifts – they are not superficial or materialistic – they are beautiful, kind souls who would rather spend time than money. I don’t need or want anything material for Christmas. There are plenty of places out there that need help – I just need to focus on doing it, following through, and making it a big part of my life. That being said, here is a list of things I would like if I were to make a Christmas list, though these are more kind of like wishes for 2013:

  • Parade with Madge, the Magic City Dragon
  • Bus tour of Birmingham with favorite friends, food, and drinks (thanks to Magic City Post for prompting this idea)
  • Be a Big Sister or something similar
  • Create more, whether it’s “art” (I am the least talented artist you will ever meet), writing, implementing ideas, or other
  • Help support local businesses more
  • Throw a wonderful party to help raise money for the Crisis Center (and celebrate our nuptials with everyone)
  • Visit the Cobalt Club in person
  • Run a 5K (I currently walk them)
  • Donate to every non-profit that I adore here in Birmingham (there are a lot)
  • Become the official Duchess of Birmingham to promote our amazing city (hehe)
  • Start a non-profit to raise money for others in the area that need assistance and to help #BhamDanceWalk grow

What are your wishes for Christmas, 2013, or just the future?

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  1. tlsylvan says:

    I would love to give you the gift of running a 5K in 2013! I’ll even wrap it up for you. And I either want a seat on that bus or to secretly drive behind it to visit some great Birmingham places 🙂

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