For the mothers out there

A question for the ages. Well, actually for the moms out there (and other educated people in this matter):

When do you stop referring to your child’s age in months and switch to years? What determines that? Is there a protocol? Is there a Mommy School out there where they teach you the dos and don’ts of motherhood? I mean, even when they get to the year stages (1 year, 2 years) moms still often refer to them babes in months. I asked a friend this question to recently. He offered that maybe it was because that’s how moms shop for clothes at those ages. Is that it? I’ve wondered this my entire life. Someone enlighten me!

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3 Responses

  1. Elli says:

    My daughter turned 3 Saturday and my son will be 2 in December. I quit using months with Jackson after he turned 19 months. It went from 18 months to “he’ll be 2 in December”. You’ll find that’s a good enough answer for most people. My thing was always when they were babies and someone asked “how old?” They turned 4 different ages in 1 month: 3 months, almost 3 and a half months, 3 and a half months and then almost 4 months. Whew…can you tell I totally feel you on this one? 🙂

  2. Samantic says:

    OMG I hate this as well. It gets annoying. I stopped with Meredith after she turned… you guessed it- ONE YEAR OLD. That would be 12 months. Then she was 1 1/2 or 2. Or on the way to each of those milestones. Etc. However- that is how clothes are marked- 9-18mo. 6-9mo. etc.

  3. Tomma says:

    I used months up until recently. Now I can say he’ll be two on the 25th! lol I think we do it because our pediatricians go by months. But clothes are done in months too. I was real confused with 24 mo. clothes versus 2T, didn’t see much difference and there’s really not, you just shop in the Toddler section for 2T though. Yep, it’s very confusing and you don’t know what to do until you do it! lol

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