Hips Don’t Lie

Mine don’t, anyway. I’m so ill. I gained a pound. Well, I don’t know if technically I did, but the scale said so. Yes, I know that you’re not supposed to weigh in each day and I’m not planning on it. I just decided to do it this once. No more. (Riiiiiiiiiiight). But still, it said I gained a pound. The scale is wrong. There is no way I gained a pound…I drank #)$L#$%$ ounces of water yesterday! I drank until I was swimming! I drank until I was peeing every hour. (kidding). But I ate and drank so well yesterday. Until dinner. I started with baked oysters…that’s not bad, right? Right??? Yes, but then I slipped and fell. I went for the steamed mussels. Now steamed mussels themselves are fine. But when they’re soaking in white wine and butter sauce you have a problem. Hey! Don’t say a word. I knew what I was doing. I couldn’t help it. I hadn’t had them before, I rarely go to that restaurant and BY GOLLY, I WANTED MUSSELS! Ok, I’m done now. Forgive the rant. And forgive the slip. It will happen again.

So I was reading SAMantics blog today and she mentioned Rainbow Brite. I thought, “What a great song of the day!” Thank you SAMantic. Here you go:

Rainbow Brite
See the shining light
Yes I’m gonna take ya to Rainbow Brite

Starlite flies
Right before your eyes
And rainbow colors will cheer you up

Magic Light
Gonna take you for a ride…

And I think you can click here and listen to it. (if I did that correctly). Thank you to Rainbowbrite.net for that.

Agghh! I posted something to YouTube (for the first time) and now I have a subscriber?? Who is it? What do they want with me? Don’t they know I don’t know how to use YouTube and probably will never post again in my life? Why would I? Oh wait…I did post that one time, didn’t I? So, I could very well post again. That first time was just a fluke, really. It was that tidbit I took at the John Corbett show. I suppose I could get snippets from other shows and post. We shall see. It’s just a lowly digital camera that isn’t mean to take video anyway, so God help ya if you’re looking for good quality.

Speaking of shows, I’m headed to see Mamma Mia tonight. I’m stoked! Details tomorrow, but I know NOTHING of the show so that’s good. No expectations.

This weekend is the girls’ beach trip. Can you say par-tay?

That’s all for now. On a serious note, please send lots of juju to my friend Jen. She needs it right now. Thank you!

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6 Responses

  1. Tomma says:

    I”m down 25 lbs but that’s been since April 17. It’s such hard work! Hang in there! I weigh everyday too, can’t help it!

  2. Sherri says:

    omg, that’s amazing!!! Congrats, girl! I’m so proud of you. Are you doing the Weight Watchers thing with Virg and them?

  3. Tomma says:

    Nope. I’m going to a doctor here in town. I’m taking drugs and watching what I shovel in my mouth and I try to walk every night….I try…..

  4. J says:

    Thanks Sher.You go to a lot of concerts, by the way! 🙂

  5. Sherri says:

    lol. I know. You know me…music is in my blood. Plus, they have huge ticket discounts up here a lot and we get them for $10 or $13 each. They had a $13 ticket day recently and we racked up. 🙂

  6. Samantic says:

    Alright Miss Smarty-pants- what is the theme song to She-Ra? Going to watch the Rainbow Brite DVD tonight, followed by a Strawberry Shortcake show. Woo Hoo! I’m so cool, forget fun concerts like Poison- I? am all about the kids shows.

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