I am

IMG_5247I am deflection and depression. I am angst and anger.


I am thousands of hours of wonder and wandering, love and leaving, crushes and crying.
I am made up of my ancestors before me and the legacy I leave in friendships.

I am proud power getting stronger with age. What doesn’t defeat me now only drives me harder and clears my head.

I can overcome anything with His grace.
So can you.

I have been bitten, betrayed, bloodied, and beaten. I am not those things.
I have been raped, released, reneged, rattled, and ruined. I am not those things.
I have been broken, but healed. I will break again. I will rise again.
So will you.

I am precious, passionate, people. I am spirit, love, dance. I am intelligent, resourceful, loyal.
I am me.
So are you.

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