I’m baaaaaa-aaaaaaaack

I know you were just waiting around for this moment, right? You’ve been up at night, not eating, not even able to work, wondering when I would make my return to blogging, right? I missed you too!

While I am not happy about missing a few days of #bloglikecrazy, I am very happy that I was away on a mini vacation with my wonderful boyfriend and some of my friends from Northern Virginia. My former boss (and one of my best friends and mentors) goes to Texas once a year with her family to visit a mutual friend of ours and catch a UT football game (former boss’ hubby is a huge Texas fan). They’ve done this the past few years and while I’ve always wanted to join them, something has always come up that prevented me from going. Not this year! Earlier in the year I made a firm decision that I was going (God willing). I was able to keep that promise to myself and met up with the boss lady and her family in Austin for a few days. I was able to see them for the second time this year and they were able to finally meet my beau. It was a glorious time full of Elmo, football, marching band, authentic food, boots, art, friends, and love. Elmo was a surprise that Daniel snuck into his luggage before we left. Imagine my surprise when I went to get in bed the first night at the hotel and found a bright red puppet in there! We decided to take him everywhere we went and tweet pictures of him along the way. You can find the pics on Twitter by searching for #elmovisitsaustin. He had a big time!

I’ve missed quite a few blogging days, but will be glad to extend my month for those days. I have enjoyed reading all the other ladies blog like crazy this month. I’ve learned more about my friends and what they’re passionate about in these past few weeks than I ever knew before. And I am happy (though not surprised) to find out we have so much in common – on and offline.

Today’s writing prompt was to set 4 simple goals for yourself for the rest of the year. Boyfriend and I have already started on this for ourselves and as a couple for the new year. But the #bloglikecrazy goals were geared more toward the remainder of this year, which I love. So, here are mine:

  1. Work out AT LEAST 3 times per week (preferably more) and drop 1 pants size
  2. Read The New Psycho-Cybernetics
  3. Write 2 more articles for Magic City Post
  4. Volunteer at least twice before the year ends (preferably more)

Those are my goals for the rest of the year. Do you have goals for the rest of the year? What are they? Post them in the Comments section and let’s share our successes at the end of the year!

Love yourself.
Find peace inside.
Share happiness.

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4 Responses

  1. Laura Gallitz says:

    Here are my 4:
    1. Clean off my desk at work, not just by moving stuff around but by dealing with it – I need a clean start for the new year.
    2. Finish my listening project: I am trying to listen to every track on every CD in our collection. I like to listen to whole sides of albums, and my husband is the song-by-song consumer for whom the iPod was invented.
    3. Help my grandfather dispose of my grandmother’s wardrobe – it has been two years since she passed away and he could use the closure (and the tax write-off).
    4. Lose 5 pounds before my doctor visit, to show I’ve made progress.

  2. javacia says:

    Glad you’re back. We missed you. Great goals, by the way. I’m looking forward to reading about your progress.

  1. November 15, 2012

    […] to cull them a bit and get them down. You saw my 4 short term goals for the rest of this year in yesterday’s post. In keeping with that, I worked out yesterday at Iron Tribe, am planning on going today after work, […]

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