It All Comes Back Around

Firstly, let me apologize for my lengthy hiatus from you beautiful people. I took the month of March off from social media and the like for a huge project at work. I came back in April a bit, but really enjoyed the break so just extended it a little bit more. Sometimes we need a break from all the digital to just get back to our roots. I loved reading, writing, exploring, and talking over coffee with friends during the break. What have YOU been up to? I’m anxious to hear all about it!

Secondly, life hits you like a ton of bricks sometimes. Just the realizations that hit you in the middle of the night. Earlier this week, my wonderful, younger husband had a problem. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it was significant to him and has worried him greatly over the past year or so. We’ve talked about it a few times over the year, but really got to the meat of the issue earlier this week and came up with a game plan to help resolve it.

It hit me as I was lying in bed later that night how full circle life can truly be. I had the same issue when I was younger – about his age, as a matter of fact. I felt exactly like my husband felt – scared, anxious, worried, bothered. I was married to my first husband at the time and recall having the same conversations with him, including the final BIG one where we laid everything out, came up with a game plan, and started working on fixing it instead of me continuing to avoid it and hoping it went away. I understand exactly what my husband is going through and it felt so surreal being on the other end of the equation and being the one to offer him help. While I hate the situation (did back then and still do now), I am grateful that I went through it so that I had a good idea of how to handle it this time around. I’m amazed at the life lessons learned from it that I’m now able to help my dear husband learn. I don’t consider myself old in the least, but wow, I’m definitely seasoned and am truly thankful for it.

As I continue to grow in this relationship, I’m finding more and more examples of playing the older, sometimes more mature, partner. It’s absolutely mind blowing to me in many aspects, but a huge comfort too in dealing with “the younger me.” We all go through it, we all hope to learn from it, and I’m glad to say I did. Now I’m passing that knowledge on. Wow, who would have guessed I would be an actual decently savvy grown up? Not me! 🙂

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