It’s All About Me: There’s a First for Everything

This has been THE week of firsts for me. I am utterly spent (and over the moon) and it’s only Thursday! Some were bucket-list “type” items (as in I’ve always wanted to do them but I won’t die if I don’t) and some were just fun happenstances! My firsts this week (in no particular order):

  1. First time at The Club (Have always wanted to go. Done!)
  2. First time seeing all of the Birmingham city lights from atop Red Mountain (not necessarily always wanted to, but that was just because I didn’t know what I was missing. I fell in love with her all over again tonight).
  3. First time meeting Joe Lockett. Thank you Comedienne Joy!
  4. First time getting a turkey in bowling, and then a hambone! (4 strikes in a row)
  5. First time taking a bathing suit selfie (Not something I EVER wanted to do, especially at my current size, but somehow found the courage and it was extremely liberating – blog post coming!).
  6. First time seeing commercial-grade fireworks being set up (have always wanted to see that!).
  7. First time being THISCLOSE to fireworks. It seriously moved me; it was so majestic and powerful.
  8. First time seeing the International Space Station fly over! (Wanted to? Definitely!) “How will I know where it is?” “It will be MOVING ACROSS THE SKY, DINGBAT!”
  9. First time being adopted as a pet.
  10. First time I didn’t cry at my annual GYN exam. (I can’t help it, I just do. But not this time, suckas! Only took 20 years!)

There are more firsts to come, too – the Bloganista mini-con this weekend will be my first blogging conference! I am IN IT TO WIN IT this year, folks. Watch out…this girl is on fire!


Goodnight, Birmingham. Sleep well.


The man, the myth, the legend – Joe Lockett – and the QUEEN OF CLEAN Comedienne Joy at the Taste of Birmingham.


The neck bone’s connected to the HAM BONE! I screamed when I got the turkey and then again when I got the ham bone. Poor Vestavia Bowl will never be the same after getting Rossed.


Big fireworks being set up. That doesn’t look sketchy or creepy at all.


Fireworks in your face!


I promise that little white dot in the middle is the International Space Station. I saw it move.

I didn't cry, but I still didn't like my annual GYN visit.

I didn’t cry, but I still didn’t like my annual GYN visit.

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  1. sashamjohns says:

    how’d you manage that fireworks thing? That sounds so cool!

    • yougotrossed says:

      The Club (mentioned above) will do fireworks for some events hosted there. You’re high on the mountain and the fireworks are shot from below so they are VERY close when they shoot them. If you ever get the chance, do it! đŸ™‚

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