It’s time to get crazy

Today starts BLOG LIKE CRAZY! It’s a fun, 30 day challenge started by my friend Javacia, founder of See Jane Write, a few years ago. During November, we blog everyday for 30 days. I usually start strong and then peter out. Fingers crossed and mind ready to go strong all month long this year! Javacia always gives us great writing prompts to help in case we get stuck, but I want to build off that. What do YOU want me to blog about during the challenge, dear reader? Do you have any questions for me?

I’ll answer one that I asked a few of my blogger friends the other night during our Power Girl Book Club meeting: what is my brand? I’ve heard “You are your brand” numerous times from Chanda, Jennifer, and Javacia, but what did that mean for me? I wasn’t quite sure so I asked a few close friends their thoughts on my brand. They nailed it: my brand is Birmingham and building community. My passion for Birmingham is no secret and I love connecting people with each other and building those relationships. Kyra Sedgwick was The Closer….I am The Connector. So, look for more posts about Birmingham, connecting friends and community, and, of course, unicorns.

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see more. Glad to be connected to you and See Jane Write

  2. I cannot wait to see what you share Sherri! I’m at the #bloglikecrazy kick off workshop and will be participating all month as well 🙂

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