Ashley and I saw Better Than Ezra last night. They were actually the openers, but they were the reason we went. I hadn’t seen them before, so was very much looking forward to hearing them live. They were great! And the lead singer was such a ham on stage…I loved it! They played all the great songs we know and love by them (and some that I knew, but didn’t know they sang). Afterwards, we got their autographs at the merch booth. They such cuties up close. And look so young. It’s hard to believe these guys were around when I was in college. They had to be babies then! We stuck around for part of Hootie’s set, but wasn’t impressed with the music or his stage presence at all. After about 7 songs into it without him speaking once between songs or acknowledging the audience, we left. And the crowd was a might different from the one the night before. Night and day. I felt like I was in a retirement home last night as opposed to the mayhem on Friday night.

Today is a lazy day. Tried to order Chinese, but they were closed. Who knew? Sad. Quiet day today around the house getting stuff done that needs to be done. That’s all for now. Here’s your song of the day!

“3-2-1 Contact
Three, Two, One, contact!

Contact is the secret,
It’s the moment when everything happens.

Contact is the answer,
It’s the reason why everything happens.

Let’s Make Contact!
Three, Two, One, contact! “


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