Mission Impossible

Today’s #bloglikecrazy post asks us to define our mission statement or goal of our blog. I remember doing this last year so went to see if it still rang true. Last year’s mission statement:

YouGotRossed is a blog about the great loves of my life with the main focus on Birmingham, Alabama. It will be used primarily to educate readers about the city and promote Birmingham’s various offerings including geographical, cultural, historical, and current events. This will be a space for fostering community involvement, while also encompassing some other passions like fitness, feminism, writing, self-improvement, and volunteering.

Yup. that still about sums it up. I’ve had to scale back on the fitness since the doctor told me I have pre-osteoporosis and arthritis in my hip, but said I can get back to it once I build those hip muscles around that bone up. So swimming and recumbent bike, here I come!

And I still love Birmingham with all my heart and immerse myself in the city whenever I can.

Link to your blog’s mission statement in the comments section below.

Love yourself.
Find peace inside.
Share happiness.

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