Mission Impossible

Today’s 31 Days to Better Blogging challenge from our fearless See Jane Write leader, Javacia Harris Bowser, was to write a mission statement for our blog. This has been mentioned before by Javacia and I’ve struggled with it ever since. We recently had to look inside ourselves to figure out the purpose of our blog – what did we want to accomplish with it? I didn’t state that outright in an entry, but I realized the direction I want to move in was something encompassing Birmingham. I am utterly, unconditionally, unfailingly in love with this city. I couldn’t tell you when it happened or how exactly, but I breathe it. I grew up in the church and the way we are supposed to spread the word and goodness of God is also how I feel about Birmingham. I want to tell everyone about this city and bring them from all corners of the earth. It’s not that she’s better than your city, but she is beautiful. She is cultured. She is kind. She is environmentally friendly. She is loving. She is growing in herself all the time. She is learning. She is courageous. She is intellectual. She is inventive. She is educated. In short, she is darn close to the perfect woman. She has her flaws – every woman does – but she is learning from her mistakes through the years and will continue to make strides. She can’t do it alone..no one woman can. I am her biggest cheerleader and have decided, for as long as she’ll have me, my blog will be dedicated in great part to her. Therefore:

Yougotrossed is a blog about the great loves of  my life with the main focus on Birmingham, Alabama. It will be used primarily to educate readers about the city and promote Birmingham’s various offerings including geographical, cultural, historical, and current events. This will be a space for fostering community involvement. It will also encompass the other loves of my life including fitness, feminism, writing, self-improvement, and volunteering.

There you have it, Birmingham. I’m all yours.

Love yourself.
Find peace inside.
Share happiness.

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