This past weekend was chock full of fun. When’s the last time you hear “chock full?” I thought as much. Just stick with me, kid. You’re going places.

Friday night was the annual trek to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Alabama Theatre. The theatre was stunning when we got there (as usual), and looked like my bedroom by the time we left. I love this part of the year. Halloween itself is tons of fun (IMHO) and Rocky Horror just geeks it up even more. I only remembered like ½ the props this year, but we still had a great time. This year we had a few extra Virgins join us: it was myself, Mia, Lee, Ashley, Stacy and newlywed Kelly. Lee and Stacy were rocking in their costumes while the rest of us were “normal.” lol. Mia did have a great Magenta costume, but she and I chilled at my place prior to the show instead of rushing around getting ready so we both went plain jane. I love people watching as it is and you can’t get any better than San Francisco or a showing of Rocky Horror. There were tons of great Rocky Horror look-alike costumes, as well as general costumes. The best general one, in my opinion, were some guys dressed as little green Army men. Remember those little plastic guys? Well, these 2 life-size versions were dead on…bazooka, machine gun and all. And every time they struck a little green army men pose for the camera the place would crack up. The first place winner was actually a Flying Monkey from the Wizard of Oz and the green army men got second. Flying Monkey boy definitely put the most work and detail into his costume. The one with the worst taste (but still sickly funny…shoot me) was a guy dressed as Steve Irwin followed by a huge stingray. The stingray costume spanned like 6 feet and that poor guy had to have help walking everywhere. They got cheers and boos alike. The show itself was it’s usual raucous with tons of rice, toast, silly string, water and toilet paper. I would hate to be the ones who had to clean that theatre afterwards. Some of us got a bite to eat after the show and then Mia and I went to Bailey’s to check out some of her friend’s playing there – the Exhibits.

Saturday night I headed to Anna’s for her (and sorta Tomma’s) Halloween party. They threw a great party, complete with a jello brain mold (jello shots!), eyeballs, tons of food, good music, great friends and crazy costumes. I thought Tomma and Randy were the cutest things ever as Hansel & Gretel. I went as a pregnant nun. Yes, I’m well aware of the consequences for that one. I prayed mightily before I even put on the habit. I’m hoping to post a pic or two from Tomma when she sends them out. I took my camera and forgot to whip it out all night. I’m such a loser. We then drifted to another party at Rachel’s house and partied there for a while longer. Me, the loser, left not long after as I was crashing fast.

Sunday was spent washing clothes and seeing my daddy-o. That night, I had some friends over to watch The Shining and have dinner. Good times had by all. Thanks for coming and bringing the goodies all! Just in case the rest of you need a refresher course on the highlights of the movie, check out the 30-second reenactment by bunnies:

More to come as life happens. Live in the now!

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