Not a huge deal

but I lit the pilot light tonight on the furnace! Ok, so I know that’s really mundane and the norm for some folks, but not this chickie who is scared of most everything. While I’m a wiz with a gas oven pilot light, I’m a little terrified of a big, huge furnace and have never had to do it. But, I read the instructions (I’m one of those people), called a few people for moral support, held my breath and said my last prayer (just in case). And guess what? It was nothing! All that worry for no reason. Well, 5 minutes of worry, but still…5 minutes I’ll never get back. 🙂 And it’s warmer already in here. It’s been quite cold and getting down to 40 at night and we’ve just been freezing. You’ll be glad to know we’re not rocket scientists or anything.

Bring on the cold, DC!

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  1. J says:

    I fear the same kind of stuff. When Chris lights the GRILL outside I just know he’s gonna catch on fire or the house will. I hold my breath or stay in denial about the fire until it seems under control…thanks for the bday wishes

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