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Friday Favorites 0

Friday Favorites

Two words: Mandi Rae. This woman is amazing. It also happens to be her birthday so double the Friday fun. I’m glad she’s in my life. Get some of her in yours too.

I’m not perfect 0

I’m not perfect

If you thought Truthbook Tuesday was good, wait until you read this. Not sure what to call today’s #bloglikecrazy post other than CONFESSION. I’ve been crying for the last 2 hours because I feel...

Truthbook Tuesday 6

Truthbook Tuesday

1. I know it’s not Tuesday, but I had a late night and missed yesterday’s post for #bloglikecrazy. So HERE IT IS! We’ll just pretend it’s still Tuesday. There’ll be another post later today...

Wiping the tears 0

Wiping the tears

She didn’t blink. She wouldn’t blink. She opened her eyes as wide as she could and refused to let the lids touch. She wouldn’t let them see her cry. They didn’t deserve that satisfaction....

What It’s Like to Be Homeless 0

What It’s Like to Be Homeless

The week before Thanksgiving is National Homeless Awareness Week. Homelessness is a subject close to my heart though I’ve not (thankfully) been affected by it personally. But I am well aware that could change...

Favorites Fridays 0

Favorites Fridays

I’m going to kick off the first Friday of #bloglikecrazy with a new installment in the blog called Favorites Fridays. Yes, I know that’s not grammatically correct, but this is my blog so I’m...

What they see 0

What they see

At Birmingham Art Crawl last night, there were 3 people sitting at a table outside Weld in the Adult Play Area. They ask you 2-3 random questions and then have you turn around and...

The Hot 100 (and a giveaway!) 3

The Hot 100 (and a giveaway!)

WAHOO! Champagne! Balloons! Confetti! (Quite a difference from last night’s post, eh?) Today I hit 100 followers on my lil ol’ blog here. I’m thrilled beyond measure that 100 of you want to know...