Please help me find the man who hit me

I was hit by a guy in a black truck last night. He left the scene so now i’m trying to find him. He was in a small black truck that wasn’t new. He was a slender middle age white male with what looked like a Boston terrier dog. His truck’s front fender is in a nice “V” now and I *thought* his AL striped tag was 709A11Z. The officer said that didn’t pull up anything so I must have mixed up a number or two at the end. Here is what I posted on my FB and if you have any suggestions on how to find him or find the witness who chased him, I would be so grateful.

“Thank you to everyone for the emails, calls, texts and tweets. I am ok. Still tired and a bit sore but pretty sure I’m ok. Will still keep an eye on things and go get checked out if I need to. I was stopped at a red light and he tried to stop. I heard screeching tires, looked in my rear view and saw him coming. I braced for impact and he hit me. We got out and he said he was sorry. I asked if he had insurance and he said yes. He went back to his little black truck to get it and I grabbed my phone. He handed me a business card and saw me with my phone and got back in his truck and cranked it up. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was leaving. He took off and I *thought* I got his tag # but must have been off a number or two b/c the cop said it didn’t pull anything up. 🙁 A guy pulled up right after he left and asked if he had hit me and I said yes and he took off after him. I also got in my car, but lost them while calling 911. I don’t know who the witness was or if he got him or not. I don’t know how to get in touch with him or who to call to see if he reported it. It’s an older (not new) little black truck like an S10 or something. I didn’t get the make and model (stupid me). His front end is smashed in and I KNOW the tag was a striped AL tag that started with 709. The business card he handed me was for an Alan Pickard with a 205 # for remodeling and repair business (home grown). I can’t say for sure if he had been drinking but he looked either drunk or high IMHO. Slender middle age white male with a terrier dog that jumped out of the truck when he got out. I’m going to post what I know online and see if anyone saw anything, including pics of the car. It happened at 6:30 last night on University and 26th St South (which is just the on ramp to 280 East). I’m still mad and shaken up, but will be ok. Thank you for the love.”

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  1. janizzza says:

    Call this “Alan Pickard” guy and ask him the name of the man that works for him that drives a small black s10 looking truck….if he is not aware if the incident, don’t say anything about it until you get the man’s name and number. First AND last name!!!

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