Smashing Goals and Then Some

art-broken-explosion-glassThe past few months have been interesting. Since I was turning 40 this year, I set some goals for myself to go with the big milestone birthday. I wanted to exercise more, fly in an airplane again, conquer Vulcan, get a tattoo and more. I’m happy to report that I did all of them! Even though I didn’t write about them until July, I had been working on them since my birthday in February and am glad I finally met all my goals this year (first time!).


I finished a 5k yesterday. For most people, that’s no big deal..for me, however, it was epic. I did one in August, but it was hellacious and I never wanted to do it again. But I attempted this same 5k last year and had to bow out due to pain in my foot. I wanted so badly to do it this year and get my medal. I still have the planter fasciitis, but with proper preparation, I was able to finish the 5k yesterday in much better time (and shape) then the August one. Having a wonderful crew and group waiting for me at the finish was the icing on the cake.

IMG_0517This month also finds me giving my second presentation on social media to a business group. I’ve never considered myself a social media expert, but I do believe in harnessing the power of social media to engage the community. I guess that has magically grown wings of its own and am humbled that people have asked me to speak on it. Getting to help others while talking about something you love is so much fun!

And the cherry on top of the sundae this month was being picked as the December Blogger of the Month for Alabama Women Bloggers. What an honor to be in the same company as some of the bloggers I admire most. I’ll be doing four guest posts for them throughout the month and will be sure to post links to them here when they are published. The theme is magic, so it’s perfect for December!

Please know that this post is not written to brag. I wrote it as a thank you and reminder. A thank you to the amazing support system and sisters who help me everyday. You know who you are. You are my tribe. My girls. My #girlbosses and I can’t do this without you.

And a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to – I firmly believe that. Keep an open mind and an open heart doing what you love, you never know who is watching and learning from you. Be sure to help others as you have been helped, we all need it sometime. And most of all, believe in yourself. You should be your biggest fan. I’m happy to be a close second.

Bring on 2016!




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7 Responses

  1. Sherry says:

    I love this post! It’s both funny and inspiring.

  2. Good for you and brag away. This year has been a crazy one for me, kind of lost my mojo with fitness, but the desire is back and I am back at it again. VERY inspiring post, be proud of all you accomplished.

  3. You are amazing and you deserve ever bit of praise and recognition! I am glad that we got to conquer our first 5k together and I look forward to doing more in the future!!

  4. creativesouthernhome says:

    Great job on meeting those goals.

  5. Wow- Congrats on making the 5k! That is a massive accomplishment! I couldn’t even imagine.

  6. Summah says:

    BRAG AWAY! 🙂 You’ve earned it!

  1. December 11, 2015

    […] walking, and dancing in the dark – I’m ending the year with a whimper. Granted, I did finish a 5k last weekend, but I walked the whole thing. I don’t necessarily *want* to run, but I think I’d […]

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