Social Media

smmDo you need help understanding social media in layman’s terms? Do you want to know what ‘scoping, tweeting, and peaching are about? I can help you make sense of all the chatter and figure out what’s best for your business or blog. I provide easy-to-understand social media guidance to help you plan the best social media strategy. I can give an overall “How To” or “101” class to give new social media users a good overview of the top platforms, as well as specialized classes or private, one-on-one training to help you be your best self online. Contact me for more information and let’s put together a social media plan that works for you!

A little more about me….

Having started my social media journey in the early days of MySpace, I have leveraged nearly 20 years of working with technology and businesses to grow my presence across multiple social platforms, covering everything from the Magic City to body positivity to mental health. With my blog, YouGotRossed, and by founding Birmingham Dance Walk and Birmingham Girls Club, I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts of “social business,” etiquette, and engagement. By interacting with my followers, from actor Taye Diggs to TED speaker Lillian Bustle, I have helped raise awareness for issues close to my heart. I have tried to create an online presence that generates action, opening doors for organizations like One Roof, which helps Birmingham’s homeless, and Birmingham Girls Club, which provides a sisterhood for local women. I strive to use social media to empower, educate, and engage my community to make a difference in Birmingham and worldwide.