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Those were the words uttered to me late last night. In the dark. Underneath the stars. By Bret Michaels. And 10,000 other people. Yeah, baby. Liz, Matt, Ashley and I saw Cinderella and Poison last night at Verizon Music Center (formerly known as Oak Mountain Amphitheatre). That was a concert! I saw Motley Crue with Liz and Mia last year, but felt like last night’s concert surpassed it. Liz, on the other hand, guffawed when I announced my opinion. lol. She agreed that it was a good concert, but thought Motley kicked tushy! Either way, I had a great time last night. We met up with Liz and Matt before the show at their hotel room right next to the amphitheatre and were able to walk over to the concert after catching up and getting into “concert mode”. We weren’t much interested in the openers, so we meandered over right after Cinderella took the stage (flashback: “Cinderelli, Cinderelli,” chanted the little mice). Cinderella put on a good show, altough the lead singer did apologize for not singing his “ass off” for us. He damaged his voice right before the tour started, but didn’t want to cancel it, so I guess he’s been tearing it up at every stop. He sounded great, but didn’t scream as much as he used to (he’s also older now) and he let the backup singers handle a lot of the vocals. I did catch him holding his back whenever he leaned over and thought that was something I’d never seen at a rock show before. lol. Poor thing. He sounded pretty much like he used to 20 years ago, although with the short hair and makeup, he now looks more like a drag queen than an 80’s rock star. Remember that mouth? I remember watching the video for ‘Nobody’s Fool’ and thinking his lips were amazing the way they puckered up like a baby’s all on their own. Different from Steven Tyler, but along the same lines.

Our seats were in the 3rd tier (what do you expect for $13?), but only five rows up, so not terrible. The crowd around us was pretty tame and stayed in their seats for all the openers – including Cinderella. Liz turned to me before Poison came on stage and said, “I know I paid for the seat, but I’m not using it when they come on stage!” in reference to the seated fans around us. Ovbiously everyone felt the same because when Bret Michaels emerged from the fire display, the entire crowd was on its feet. Now this was only my second rock show and I haven’t listened to Poison in YEARS, but they put on a great 20th Anniversary show with all the faves, a few covers and some new tunes off their upcoming album. Like any good rock group, they saved the best for last, but sang hits through the entire show. Bret Michaels hasn’t aged a bit from the camera’s angle. We only saw him up close on the large projection screens on either side of the stage, but other than a smidge of a belly, he looks exactly the same. C.C. Deville (or however you spell it) looks just he did on that MTV reality show he was on. It was a killer show! Liz and I danced and sang the entire time, while Matt and Ashley got a kick out of watching us lose our minds (and voices). Ashley, who never really got into Poison, had a good time picking out the songs she did know, but mainly watched all the fans go berserk. Add in the drunks trying to walk (fall) down the stairs next to us and it was a very entertaining night. Thank you to Liz and Matt for coming! Mia, you were missed.

American Idol tryouts are here on Monday. There are thousands of people already lined up in downtown Birmingham trying to get a wristband for a guaranteed audition on Monday. It’s Mayhem in the Magic City! We are the Magic City, right? I can’t remember. I’m still sort of new here. I know we’re the Steel City (we love some metal!), but yes, I think we’re the Magic City, too. Not positive why. Need to look that one up. Anywho, lots of talent down there in the street of Birmingham today. I had someone at work ask me yesterday if I was auditioning. I would (snort!) if I was young enough. It seems the raised the age right after I missed the cutoff. Drats! If Mandisa can do it…..

Good luck to all of the hopefuls out there! I think I’m American Idoled out though…

(yes, I’m fully aware that isn’t a word, but as popular as AI is now, I think I should propose it to Merriam Webster for inclusion in next year’s dictionary. Whatcha think?)

Useless tip for the day: “Pepto Bismol turns your stool and your tongue black.” This from my doctor on Monday when discussing the effects of antibiotics on your body. Huh. Who could have guessed? And what does this have to do with antibiotics?

I’m starting a diet on Monday. Not a “no carbs” or “no fats” diet. Just a “watch what I eat and how much” diet. Like I should have been doing my entire life. And yes, I know I probably shouldn’t put it all out here like this because if it doesn’t work then everyone knows I failed. But that’s good. That’s what I want. ACCOUNTABILITY. Hehehe…I remember that being a huge campaign point for our Governor, Bob Riley, during his last campaign. As I was saying, I need to lose some weight. I’m well aware of this fact. Here’s a news flash: People who are overweight KNOW they’re overweight…they don’t need family members and/or friends telling them this. WE KNOW! Doctors…well, they’re going to tell you because it’s their job. I understand and appreciate that. The rest of you…hush. We’re not blind and can see and feel that we’re heavier than we were or should be. (I’m speaking collectively for overweight people now because someone died and made me Queen Bee) Do you think our clothes just magically expand with us? No. We feel it there, too. So no worries all you concerned parents, siblings and friends….we got the 411. I’m going on a diet Monday. A few of us gals at work and friends of ours have joined forces and we’re taking the pounds off. We’re going to help each other and watch each other and try to get the other ones to eat bad stuff. lol. Why? Because there’s a prize at stake. A gift certificate to The Galleria. A big fat one. The winner gets it. So, if you see me out in public and I’m eating something really bad, come over and slap me. I give you permission now. But if I’ve been drinking, leave me alone because I need the bread.

Wish me luck! If I win the gift certificate, you might get a Christmas present this year. Finally.

Hootie and the Blowfish tonight. Seriously…The blowfish?? Hootie? Where do they come up with these names? I know I could probably Google it and find out, but still. It’s just odd. We’re mainly going to see Better Than Ezra, the opener, but Hootie will be good, too. And my peeps from work, Josh and Dean, will be there so it should be good times. Dean was there last night, somewhere, with his son, but I didn’t see them. Nor did I see Chris and Jen. 🙁 Hope they all had a great time, too!

I’m sitting on the bed. In case you were wondering. I woke up about 7:30 (on a Saturday!!!) and have been piddling around all morning. Today is a great day. I have nothing planned until tonight and can do anything or nothing until then. I rarely have Saturdays like this anymore and am so grateful for the ones I do get. I’m sure you all are the same way. Our days and weeks get planned months in advance sometimes, so much so that when we get a rare “free” day, we’re beside ourselves with joy. My dog is curled up behind me sleeping. She’s adorable when she’s asleep. lol.

That’s all from Highland Avenue right now. More as the crime rises….



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  1. Liz says:

    “I need the bread” LOL Kind of sounds like the words I uttered Friday night after washing my nasty little feet. “I need bread!” Girl, we had so much fun that night. I’m glad we got to entertain Matt and Ashley for the evening.

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