Technical Consulting

techDo you want a web site, but don’t know where to start? Do you want to blog, but have no idea if WordPress is the way to go? Do you wonder what WordPress is? Does your computer give you fits? Do you want to know how your blog works on the back end? Do you try to fix something in part of your site only to have something break elsewhere? Let me help! I’ve got over 20 years technology experience from my degree in Computer Information Systems to being the Director of IT for a national advertising and tech company to putting people in Amazon’s “cloud.” I’ve helped people get started with web sites and blogs from scratch, tweak and optimize their sites once they’re live, revamp and completely make over sites, troubleshoot their sites and speed, and helped numerous people with computer problems and tips, from large to small. I can do it all. Pricing will depend on services needed and you will receive a detailed estimate before any services are performed (unless otherwise noted). Contact me for more information and pricing.