The Amazing Race

Ha! I bet you think I’m referring to the TV reality show, dontcha? Dontcha? Nope. I’m referring to that little weight loss competition I am now officially in. We weighed in this morning. There were cries of dispair, anger and “WTF???” There were tearful telephone calls to hubbies, friends and parents. There were exclamations promising nothing but tofu for the next three months. There were the five stages of grief…denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. And that was all from one person. đŸ˜‰ But we did weigh in and it wasn’t pretty. We’re not allowed to know what each other weighs…which is a good thing. We all go weigh in separately, privately and we have another lady in the office who is monitoring them and writing each week down. Lemme tell you, I ate like a PIG this weekend. I ate everything in sight. It was like I was cleaning out the fridge. Did you ever read the book ‘Freaky Friday?’ It was my favorite book growing up and I read it so much the pages fell out. Anyway, there’s a part in there after the daughter has become the mom and she has to fix her little brother some lunch. Seeing as how she doesn’t know how to cook yet, but she’s an adult now, she pulls everything out of the refrigerator, piles it onto the counter and tells him to “take what he wants” and throws the rest away. Picture me doing that this weekend and you get the idea.

Do you ever find yourself singing the same song over and over, for days, and have no idea why or how to get it out of your head? I know we’ve all done this, but it’s lasted a while this time. I have been singing “Desperately Wanting” for days now..even before the concert. And I read/heard somewhere that if that happens, you can sing the rest of the line/song and it will finally stop. Uh, no. I hate to break it to you, John Tesh. That doesn’t work.

I did, however, also hear that drinking one soft drink a day can add 15 pounds in one year. Agghhh!!! (do the diet drinks with no calories or carbs count??)

Ok, I have a confession. I don’t have cable. (no, that’s not the confession). I don’t have cable, therefore I have about 5 channels. Wanna hear them? Fox, NBC, ABC (sometimes), CBS, APT and the WB. Sunday night is my TV night – a bunch of teeny bopper shows on the WB, Family Guy, The War at Home and then Grey’s Anatomy. Well, I watched ‘What I Like About You’ and ‘Twins,’ and then I watched the gymnastics championships for a while (yes, I thought it was the Olympics..I can’t keep up anymore…I’m old). And then I turned over to Fox for my Sunday night shining star – Family Guy – only to find out the Teen Choice Awards 2006 were on. What the ???? I immediately deflated. So, what was I do to? There were no more gymnastics – we now had Sunday night football going on. Not that I don’t like football, but the teams didn’t wow me last night. The other stations were all serious shows and I wasn’t in the mood for serious..I had banked on some good old fashioned animated, potty humor. “Well,” I thought, “I could just do without the animation,” and turned it back to the Teen Choice Awards. I confess…I watched the Teen Choice Awards last night. Now, if you ever tell anyone that I watched that drivel, I’ll clobber you. But, it was SO worth it when K-Fed performed the world premier of his new song live. OMG, it was like totally awesome. Like, I don’t know how I went 31 years without ever hearing him perform. My world is now complete.

And weeeeeeee’rrrrrrrrrrre back to reality. That was harsh. I apologize. I just get fed up with his cockiness towards everything now that he’s got money and Britney. Not that she’s a gem either (I couldn’t make an educated guess), but treat the woman with some respect. She is carrying your child…again.

Here’s your song of the day:

“Everybody Look Around
Hear The Sound
Something Special’s Gonna Come Your Way
We Got Something That Is New That Is True

We Got Something Just For You Today
All Around The Nation (Whoa Oh)
We’re The New Sensation
Have You Heard?
Have You Heard?
Have You Heard?

We’re Kids Incorporated
We’re Kids Incorporated K.I.D.S. (Whoa Oh)
K.I.D.S. yeah!”

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  1. Tomma says:

    OK, you had me worried for a minute. K Fed SUCKED!!!! What was he thinking?? And Britney and that damn gum smacking….COME ON! Yeah, I watched them too! lol I was so hoping that Nick and Jessica would get “hottie” and they’d have to accept the awards together. Damn, it didn’t happen!

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