The birthday book

The Secret Language of Birthdays is a book that gives all kinds of insight (if you choose to call it that…I do) into people born on each day of the year. It gives a full 2 pages to each day of the year with personality traits, tendencies, warnings and health concerns for people born on that day. It also includes the seasons, numbers, astrological signs, and tarot cards for your day, as well as famous people also born on that day. It’s a GREAT coffee table book and conversation piece. I’ve had it for years now and look up my friends whenever they come over to see how accurate the book is. It’s usually pretty dead on. Check it out or come visit and I’ll show you mine.

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3 Responses

  1. Samantic says:

    OOH I WANT IT~! Or- you could just tell me my info… Aug 18. And Mere’s Nov 8. And DBF- Dec. 6. You know what? Maybe I should just get my own!

  2. J says:

    Tell me mine. Nov 7

  3. Sherri says:

    I will bring the birthday book to work and then scan in the pages for you all. It’s a lot ‘o typing…small font. 🙂

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