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I’ve had an epic 2015, but 2016 is going to be even better. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but haven’t we all? I will admit that I don’t have the greatest short or long term memory – my therapist attributes it to stuff in my childhood – so I don’t remember a lot that happened last year (ha! last year!). That is a big reason why I write my blog. Many people’s blogs are for a specific niche or brand and mine is all over the place – on purpose. I do try to write about the same topics when applicable, but a lot of the time it’s my own online diary to help me remember things later.

I remember verbally setting some goals with my husband at the beginning of the year. And I wrote some on the blog in July (as accountability). My biggest setback for a lot of these was fear, but let’s see how I did:

  1. Walk around Vulcan – Due to my fear of heights, I had not been able to walk around Vulcan yet – our city’s most iconic landmark and one of the best views in town. I had gone up there, but was unable to get off the elevator for more than 1 second. Earlier this year, I walked around Vulcan and took pictures to prove it!
  2. Flying – I used to LOVE flying back and forth from Wisconsin to Alabama between my parents. And then, in 2006, I had a rough flight and the fear set in. It’s manifested itself ever since and I’ve been deathly afraid of flying. I have done it when absolutely required (for work), but I mostly drive everywhere, including cross country. I told myself this was the year I was getting back on a plane, voluntarily. And I did! Las Vegas was awesome!
  3. Tattoo – I’ve always wanted one and have gone a few times throughout my life to get one, only to chicken out every single time. I turned 40 this year and I was intent on doing it. And I did! I love it so much.
  4. Fitness – While I didn’t shave a lot of the scale this year, I was a lot more active than I have been and I’m happy about that. I did a few 5ks, did a lot of dancing, some swimming and other workouts. I’m thankful for the amazing circle of friends who are of the same mindset that I can workout with any time I like.
  5. Donate my hair – Chopped off eleven inches in May and so very happy I did!

I just realized that 2015 also marked the 10 year anniversary of my blog. WHAT THE WHAT? I had no idea! Time flies when you’re having fun. So kick off 2016, here are some goals:

  1. Blog more – I blogged 50 times in 2015. I plan to double that in 2016. This is #1! 🙂
  2. Step outside my comfort zone more with fashion – I have fabulously fashionable friends. Sadly, that doesn’t rub off by osmosis or anything, so I’m going to make a concentrated effort to wear more than just black and more than just loose fitting everything. I have a beautiful shape and I’m going to show off these curves!
  3. Grow my side business – I’ve had a lot of fun doing social media presentations for a few groups locally. I plan to brand and promote that business to fuel my passion and make some extra money to pay down bills more, along with freelance technical work. So if you need social media or technical help, I’m your gal!
  4. Pay down bills – I have hella bills. I finished Financial Peace University not too long ago and would like to pay down my bills by at least 20% this year.
  5. Fitness – I plan to try even more new things in 2016 with my fitness including barre, kickboxing, and different types of yoga to find the best fit for me. I am also hoping to win a competition that will provide 7 months with a personal trainer for free. Fingers crossed!

What are your goals this year? How did 2015 treat you? I had an amazing year and this one is going to be even better! Cheers to the best year of our lives!

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4 Responses

  1. Willi says:

    You are a rock star!!

  2. grlmeetsfitness says:

    I LOVE goal blog posts! You checked some great stuff off your list last year..tattoos and Vegas trips? Awesome! Keep it up and you are going to kick 2016 in the tush.

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