This is the End

I love that song by The Doors. It’s a bit creepy, but I still love it.

Today marks the last day of #bloglikecrazy. While I didn’t blog everyday as I had hoped, honestly I blogged more than I thought I would (and more than last year, I believe). So, maybe next year I’ll actually hit I had a blast and always love when this time of year rolls around. I learn so much about and from my friends and other bloggers.

A few lessons I learned this year:

  1. Don’t wait until the ‘day of’ to write a post. I know many bloggers who have an editorial calendar or schedule and write whenever they have time and then bank a few posts for those times they don’t. I still can’t seem to grasp that concept and continue to write when the mood or inspiration hits me. I have GOT to break that cycle and go ahead and churn out some awesome content even when I’m not feeling it. I love sharing my thoughts and the way I feel after I’ve written one, so why don’t I strive for that feeling more often?
  2. Ask and you shall receive. One of my favorite things about blogging is asking for help when needed. Whether it’s for prayers, advice, or just commiserating, it’s wonderful to know so many people out there are willing to help in whatever way they can when you ask for it. It always gives me a new perspective and usually helps me solve the issue at hand.
  3. Writing is therapeutic. I’m not an English major and I don’t remember the MLA style of writing (from college) and those books we’re supposed to follow. But I do enjoy getting my thoughts out there, venting, sharing, and voicing my opinion. I’m grateful that I have the luxury of writing just for me. That may sound selfish, but that’s what helps me and that’s how I need to write. I don’t have to write for my job or for money so I’m able to just write whatever I like and not worry about a) if someone is reading it and b) what they think. If someone doesn’t like my blog or what I say, they have the choice of not reading it. This is MY voice.

I know a lot of people who participated in #bloglikecrazy this month. What did you learn from it? What were you favorite posts from others? Feel free to post them in the Comments below and we’ll discover together!

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  1. I have enjoyed reading all of your posts! I had every intention of writing all of November but had a million things going on and the month just slipped by. No excuses for December!!

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