This one time…in Scottsdale

I have to be frank….some people may me want to jump out the window. Not seriously and I would never resort to violence, but geez….. No, I’m not talking about any of my friends or anyone you know. I’m just venting.

Arizona was nice. Very peaceful. You know…that peaceful, easy feeling. I loved the red mountains. I had never seen any before. I loved the desert. I loved the cool nights and sunny days. I loved the place we stayed….the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. We were in Scottsdale, home to the largest mall in AZ and many other cool things. I’m so glad I finally got out West and look forward to going back one land. Not air. 🙂

While I was out there, I heard a great song on the alternative radio station. It was an acoustic remake of Outkast’s “Hey Ya” done by this guy named Mat Weddle. He’s part of a band called Obadiah Perker, but this song is just him by himself. It’s on YouTube and he incorporates the actual Outkast video into his performance. I am digging this like crazy and I think I even put it as my new MySpace song recently. Check out the video here:

Another great remake is “Baby Got Back” by Jonathan Coulton (thanks Jen!). You can hear that one on his MySpace (linked above).

I’m looking up Einstein’s Theory of Relativity on Wikipedia. Why, you ask? Because I can. We have the freedom to do that. Many people do not. It amazes (and saddens) me to think that there are people, even complete countries, that do not have the Internet, the freedom to look up whatever they might like or both.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Same stuff, different day, although every day is interesting in its own way. I’m going to try my hand at writing. This should be funny. You’ve been warned.

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