Wiping the tears

She didn’t blink. She wouldn’t blink. She opened her eyes as wide as she could and refused to let the lids touch. She wouldn’t let them see her cry. They didn’t deserve that satisfaction.
Once popular, she was now the outcast. She had burned every bridge that she touched and she didn’t even care. She would show them. She was fine being the lone wolf now; she didn’t need anyone. She wasn’t sure why she thought she needed them in the first place. They had never added to her existence. They simply drained her of energy.
She slowly backed out of the conference room, keeping her eyes wide the whole time. The piece of paper that she found was lying on the table. She didn’t write it, but they didn’t believe her. She didn’t know anything about Mark’s death, but they didn’t care. She got caught in one lie, so they now assumed that she was lying about everything. Why did she tell them? It was no ones’s business if they had been seeing each other. It had nothing to do with his death.
How would she prove it? How could she prove it? She was home alone when he died, far from his location. She knew if she thought long enough she would find a way. And then it came to her…..

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