Woman Crush Wednesday: Jessica Furniss


Today’s #WCW honoree is none other than Spiffy Eats herself, Jessica Furniss.

I met Jessica through her lovely boyfriend, Tony, a few years ago when she moved to Alabama from South Carolina and instantly fell in love with her blonde curls, dimples, and infectious laugh. She’s a ray of sunshine that instantly lights up any room and I haven’t met a person yet that hasn’t fallen in love with her immediately. She’s that girl that everyone wants to be friends with.

Jessica started her blog, Spiffy Eats and Giggle Water, about two years ago and has grown it into so much more than just a blog. She shares valuable information on numerous topics including clean cooking and eating, fitness, restaurant reviews, lifestyle tips, quips and more. I’ve gathered over twenty healthy, delicious recipes from her blog, learned how to make bone broth from her instructional videos, and drooled over her Instagram photos. With her easy to understand content she has motivated me (and several other people) to get healthier with our food selections and get our butts off the couch and MOVING. She had a recipe featured on the feedfeed site a few months ago, was recently on the The Scout Guide Birmingham’s Instagram feed and did her first segment on Talk of Alabama earlier this year making gluten free pies. She also did her first Periscope broadcast from Pepper Place Farmers Market last weekend where she shared some of her favorite farmers with us. I learned so much from her ‘scope at Pepper Place that I’m secretly hoping she starts a weekly series from there highlighting the farmers so we can learn more about them and their products.

If you want easy ways to learn how to make small, but significant, clean eating changes in your life be sure to check out her blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Everything is beautifully written and shot and Jessica’s sweet disposition will win you over immediately. She’s definitely one of my woman crushes today and every day.

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2 Responses

  1. Sasha says:

    I look forward to meeting her eventually!

  2. D. Cade says:

    She is so beautiful and inspirational! Like a fresh ray of sunshine!

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