Woman Crush Wednesday: Mia Ransom Parnell


Have you ever met someone who could just do it ALL? That’s Mia! Besides being a fantastic mother, surviving cancer TWICE, running half marathons and trail running, working two jobs and volunteering every weekend, the girl has recently started work on opening a travel business on the side to help the everyday person plan the perfect trip, from planning and booking to what to eat and see, all on a budget. Her new blog, MiaAdventura, is all about her travel experiences, lessons she’s learned, and helpful tips for the seasoned traveler or weekend warrior.

I first met Mia at my eye doctor’s office a few years ago where she moonlights as the office manager. What first attracted me to her was her sharp wit, huge smile, and her lipstick! Mia always has the perfect lipstick on. And she prides herself on working hard to stay healthy and fit and works out a few times a week, all in addition to her yoga and scheduled running days. She is a vegetarian and has taught me a lot over the years in the way of healthy eating, what it means to be a vegetarian, and why she chose to be one.

Mia loves an adventure and tries to discover a new (to her) place at least once a month. We’ve been on a few spontaneous photo shoots out of town and her eye for capturing beauty and nature is breathtaking. She’s a skilled photographer and has been so kind in helping me learn my new camera. She lives for exploring and never backs down from the opportunity to experience something new. If you are in the market for a new experience, near or far, Mia is your go-to gal. I regularly go to her with questions about her travels and also to get suggestions for nearby day trips for a quick fix. She never fails to deliver perfectly!

Mia is one of the most selfless and authentic people I know. She will tell you like it is, any day of the week, but with grace and dignity. Her honesty, coupled with her determination, make her today’s #WCW. If you don’t know Mia, take a moment and reach out to her. She is fascinating, extremely knowledgable and intelligent, and you will not be sorry. Tell her I sent you!

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3 Responses

  1. Laura Gallitz says:

    I <3 Mia! I saw her on Monday at the eye doctor's office. She's awesome! And you are correct about her lipstick. <3

  2. Hey Sherri, thank you for your sweet mention! I’m honored and humbled to be your #WCW this week and am proud to be among these other amazing women! Let me know when you want to go lipstick shopping, I promise to find the perfect shade!!

  3. Kim M says:

    I love Mia’s blog and weekend newsletter. I agree that she is phenomenal.

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