Woman Crush Wednesday: Stephanie Naman

stephanieHave you ever met that girl next door who juggles a million things so effortlessly you never even know what all she’s got going on? From your peripheral view it looks like her life is an easy, breezy Cover Girl commercial full of stylish clothes, a beautiful house and family, and the perfect job. You want to BE her.

That’s Stephanie Naman – aka Auntie Venom – for me. While it may look like she’s just breezing through life without a care in the world, the girl has got a lot going on under the hood. She’s a high level Creative at a national advertising and branding agency, keeps a beautiful home at the ready for spontaneous visits from friends (which happen often), she’s an advocate for fitness and health with clean eating and frequent exercise, she’s a published author with TWO books to her name, and she waxes on everything from Oprah to sex on her lifestyle blog.

She started the blog as a ‘book of lessons’, of sorts, for her teenage niece and the lessons are insightful, sometimes painfully honest, and often times hilarious. I find myself snorting while reading her posts, recalling that same situation in my young adulthood. Oh, to be that age and to have this blog wisdom would have been divine. I would have saved so much wasted time, money, and tears.

Besides being an amazing woman inside and out, I have to admit she’s one of my best friends and I often look to her for advice, comfort, and strength. Stephanie brings wit and general loveliness to everything she does and her blog is no exception. If you don’t know Auntie Venom, get to know her. And be sure to pass along the life lessons to young people in your life. We could have all used a little help back then.






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