You asked for it!

pic1It’s that time again…dance walk time! I haven’t done a dance walk since April of 2014 (shame on me!), so it’s long past due. The last one was a bit rained out, but we shall motor on! The People have been asking for it and the People shall have it! 🙂

What is dance walking? Fun, free fitness! It’s basically a moving, dancing flash mob. It’s insanely fun and chaotic and spastic and everything that an afternoon of music should be in Birmingham. I first saw the idea here and have been doing them (somewhat sporadically) in Birmingham ever since.

Our next dance was has me exceptionally excited because of our partners. We have fitness fabs Zyp Bikeshare and SOL Dance Experience on board as our presenting sponsors. We can’t thank them enough and will be telling you more about both in the coming weeks.

To get all the details for the Dance Walk coming up on in the Parkside District at 4p.m. on March 20th, check out the Facebook event here (and be sure to RSVP too!). We’ll have giveaways, music, and dancing – all for FREE! What more could you ask for?

See you on March 20th with my dancing shoes on!

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