You get to see ME today!

13724089_10155289197149852_6721589974065864947_o_FotorI get Tiny Buddha in my email Inbox each day. It’s one of the few daily emails I get that I always take time to read because they are usually spot on and helpful to me. Today’s email was no exception – it was titled “5 Ways to Find Peace: Life Lessons from an 8th Grade Teacher.” This is how it started:

Good Morning, and welcome to 8th grade History with Mr. Bacchus. The first thing I need everyone to do is to take out your class schedule and make sure that it says Mr. Bacchus for this period. Is there anyone who doesn’t have my name on their schedule?

No? We sure? Great!!

Now I need each one of you to take a moment and thank whoever you believe in, the powers that be, or even the magic genie that granted you this wish, because you’re one of the few lucky enough to be in my history class this year.

Why lucky?

Because there is going to be a day when you don’t feel like getting out of the bed, but you will remember that you have Mr. Bacchus today and you will be up before the alarm goes off.

One day, your boyfriend or girlfriend will break up with you in the middle of the hallway, and the news will quickly spread via social networking. But when your friend asks you if you’re okay, you’ll simply smile and say,

“I have Mr. Bacchus today.”

I was immediately drawn in and happier. As I read the rest of the article I realized I want to be that person for other people, and I want to find that person (or reason) for me each day. So, I’m going to try very hard to give my co-workers a reason to come in with a smile everyday: “I get to see Sherri today.” Or make sure my husband knows how much I love him and that I’m his number one fan before he leaves and when he gets back home: “I get to see Sherri today.” And the same for my friends…..I want you to feel lucky to know me, but more importantly, I want to deserve that feeling. And I already know I’m lucky to know you…I get to see YOU today!

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